NFT OCS Collection #4


04.19 pm18:00~04.23 pm23:59(JST)

04.17 pm18:00~04.18 pm18:00(JST)

*End of sales
Please use the secondary market.

What is NFT

Digital data with scarcity

NFT is a non-fungible token, where tokens are a digital data with a unique identifier attached. By limiting the number of unique identifier issues, scarcity is born in the digital data.

The owner can purchase/sell the NFT

OCS NFT is protected with a blockchain called "Ethereum," which enables buying, selling, and giving without adiministrator.

AR Figure

AR Figure AR Figure AR Figure AR Figure AR Figure

NFT comes with AR figure

One 3DAR figure of Freya or Valkyrie from "YURUDRASHIRU" will be randomly included per mint. (Total of 10 types)


AR can be displayed at any time with dedicated services.

AR figures can be displayed at any time with OCS`s dedicated service.
OCS also supports NFTs from other collections with 3D models for AR display!
*We do not guarantee AR display for all NFTs.



Limited merchandise


Holders can purchase NFT holders-only merchandises from the dedicated website.
Other "YURUDORASHIRU" 9th anniversary commemorative merchandises are also on sale!

*Residents outside of Japan are not eligible to purchase limited-edition merchandise. (International shipping is not available.)

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9th ​​Anniversary Special Site

※This item is no longer sold.

What is


NFT fan community that collaborates with the "official"

The Web3 (NFT), which is growing mainly overseas, but Japanese market has been slow to enter the NFT market due to a variety of problems.

OCS was started to create an opportunity for such Japanese content to enter the Web3(NFT) .

We aim to create a world where in which fans and creators can work together to bring Japanese anime,manga, and game contents to Web 3.0 through Otaku Culture Studio.

We aim to transmit the excellence of content produced in Japan to the Web3 world and to provide opportunities for new forms of enjoyment.

Cooperative companies

Clover Lab.,inc.

Clover Lab.,inc. consistently carries out planning, development, and operation of games for smartphones, under the management philosophy of "providing 'worlds (contents)' that color your minds." We have released some titles like "Yurudorashiru", and new applications are under development. We have also expanded overseas to East Asian regions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as to Thailand. We hope to create a new "world" for users by offering special experiences and excitement through our content, and the "world" will color their lives, lifestyles, and minds. On these thoughts, we are creating the next "excitement" today.


A3 Co., Ltd.

In order to deliver the fascinating characters from games and animations to hardcore fans, we take responsibility from planning, promoting, designing, and all the way until manufacturing in a single-stop process.
We have more than 400 accounts of management companies that handle copyrights for anime, games, manga, etc.
We also operate more than 1,700 commercialization projects, events, and services each year.


How much of NFT OCS Collection #4, "Yurudorashiru" will be issued?

NFT OCS Collection #4『Yurudorashiru』please wait for the announcement.

How much does the Mint cost??

Please wait for the announcement.

How much can be Minted?

Please wait for the announcement.

How do we check if we are listed on the mint-capable list for pre-sales?

If the address is available for the Mint after accessing to the wallet, then you can proceed to the Mint screen.

What is your sales format?

A reveal format is planned.
In the reveal format, the NFT held is not known at the time of purchase, and the NFT is revealed after the "reveal date".



Valkyries are the most popular priesthood among the goddesses in Valhalla, the land where the gods reside, as a unit under the direct control of Odin, the king of the gods.
The main character, who has become a member of the Valkyries, goes to the "Odin," lord of god, to receive his first mission. What await him when he opens the door with anticipation, nervousness, and a little anxiety was...

Under the direction of Odin, the main character, along with familiar deities such as Thor, Freya, and Loki, explore the vast world connected to the world tree "Yggdrasil" in order to confront the apocalyptic battle "Ragnarok" in the prophecy!
Will the main character be able to change their predestined fate?

Official Website

Character Introduction

Freya, the Goddess of Fertility

She is the most sensible in the world of the gods.
Therefore, she often reacts Odin's and Thor's behavior with hot-tempered attitude.
She is basically kind to decent people and gently supports the main character, who is a freshman Valkyrie.

Valkyrie,Battle Maiden of Destiny

Main character.
She is a freshman Valkyrie who has just graduated from the Divine Valkyrie Training School.
In order to become a professional War Maiden, she takes on her first mission with the support of Freya, but...?

Odin, the Lord of Gods.

He is the Lord of Gods who leads all the gods…, but he simply has become lazy.
His recent habit is "Hataraitaku-nai de gozaru"(I don't want to work).
He has five copies of his favorite "Oden T" including a spare.

And many more fascinating characters!
Check out official site!

The other characters’ introduction