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What is NFT

Digital data with scarcity

NFT is a non-fungible token, where tokens are a digital data with a unique identifier attached. By limiting the number of unique identifier issues, scarcity is born in the digital data.

The owner can purchase/sell the NFT

OCS NFT is protected with a blockchain called "Ethereum," which enables buying, selling, and giving without adiministrator.

AR Figure

AR Figure

NFT comes with AR figure

AR figure of "BAKI HANMA" is included when MINT (1 type in total).


AR can be displayed at any time with dedicated services.

AR figures can be displayed at any time with OCS`s dedicated service.
OCS also supports NFTs from other collections with 3D models for AR display!
*We do not guarantee AR display for all NFTs.

What is


NFT fan community that collaborates with the "official"

The Web3 (NFT), which is growing mainly overseas, but Japanese market has been slow to enter the NFT market due to a variety of problems.

OCS was started to create an opportunity for such Japanese content to enter the Web3(NFT) .

We aim to create a world where in which fans and creators can work together to bring Japanese anime,manga, and game contents to Web 3.0 through Otaku Culture Studio.

We aim to transmit the excellence of content produced in Japan to the Web3 world and to provide opportunities for new forms of enjoyment.

Cooperative companies


Based on our animation production, licensing, and merchandising business know-how, we are able to maximize our collective capabilities from both the creative side (ex; creating intellectual properties) and business production side (ex; improving customers' satisfaction). We also have our eyes set on an international market and promoting a global business with our nationally famous and beloved animations such as "LUPIN THE 3rd", "ANPANMAN", and "DETECTIVE CONAN", in addition to more than 440 works and over 12,000 episodes.


A3 Co., Ltd.

In order to deliver the fascinating characters from games and animations to hardcore fans, we take responsibility from planning, promoting, designing, and all the way until manufacturing in a single-stop process.
We have more than 400 accounts of management companies that handle copyrights for anime, games, manga, etc.
We also operate more than 1,700 commercialization projects, events, and services each year.


How much of NFT OCS Collection #3, "BAKI HANMA" will be issued?

For the NFT OCS Collection #3 "BAKI HANMA," please wait for the announcement

How much does the Mint cost?

For the NFT OCS Collection #3 "BAKI HANMA," the prices are planned to be 0.04ETH for the pre-sales, and 0.06ETH for the general sales.

When is the Mint?

The NFT OCS Collection #3 "BAKI HANMA" is planned on Dec 20th-22th, 2022.

How much can be Minted?

The Mint amount varies depending on the project. For the NFT OCS Collection #3 “”BAKI HANMA,“” the limitation for the mints are set at three.

How do we check if we are listed on the mint-capable list for pre-sales?

If the address is available for the Mint after accessing to the wallet, then you can proceed to the Mint screen.



"BAKI HANMA" is the 3rd chapter of the popular martial arts manga series "BAKI" by Keisuke Itagaki with more than 85 million copies sold. Baki challenges Yujiro, The Strongest Creature on Earth, to fight with him and Yujiro accepts, recognizing Baki now has grown to be a worthy opponent. Finally, the fateful fight between father and son begins. The original manga "BAKI", serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from Akitashoten, is a popular martial arts manga that centers on the story of the deadly fight between the protagonist Baki Hanma, the champion of the Underground Arena Tournament, and his father Yujiro Hanma, the Strongest Creature on Earth. Additionally, the battles of other martial arts fighters happen all the time. The new TV series will tell the story of Baki as he is about to fight against Yujiro, for "The Fiercest Father and Son Fight on Earth".

After numerous deadly fights against strong opponents, Baki has finally reached the level to challenge his father Yujiro, The Strongest Creature on Earth. Before his fight against Yujiro, Baki chooses the "just right" sparring opponent in Mr. Unchained, a.k.a. Biscuit Oliva, who is considered to be as strong as Yujiro. Baki intends to become one step stronger by defeating Oliva. However, Oliva is now at the "Black Pentagon": the prison complex in Arizona, USA exclusively used to contain extremely dangerous criminals. To fight Oliva, Baki decides to be imprisoned at the Black Pentagon, but other extraordinary fighters are waiting for him. The only rule in this prison is power!! It's the beginning of the unprecedented "Black Pentagon" Saga!!


Born in Hokkaido in 1957. After graduating from high school, he worked in various occupations, including the Self-Defense Forces, before making his debut as a manga artist in 1989 with "Make Upper".

Since then, he has devoted himself to drawing in search of battles and strong men. His representative works include "Make Upper," "Grappler Baki," "BAKI," "BAKI HANMA" (Akita Shoten), and "Garo-den" (original story by Baku Yumemakura, Kodansha).

Official Website

Character Introduction

Baki Hanma

The young champion of the Underground Arena Tournament. After being poisoned to near-death by the death row criminal Ryuukou Yanagi, Baki overcomes the poison and recovers during the matches. After the many deadly fights, Baki finally challenges his father, Yujiro Hanma, The Strongest Creature on Earth.

Yujiro Hanma

Baki's father, also known as The Strongest Creature on Earth. He can destroy an entire army only with bare hands. He accepts Baki's challenge recognizing his son as a worthy opponent due to his growth.

Biscuit Oliva

Also known as "Mr. Unchained”, the freest man in Earth, despite living as a prisoner in a State Prison, he uses the out of proportion strength and intelligence to get what he wants. The source of his strength is his cute girlfriend.

Jun Guevara

A man called Mr. 2 (Secan) who is imprisoned in the "Black Pentagon" like Oliva. From an early age, he received a special education in martial arts, and started up a country at a young age. He wants to fight Oliva, the toughest man in America.

Doppo Orochi

He is the founder of the Shinshinkai, a practical karate style, and is also known as the "god of military arts , Bushin" or "Man-eating Orochi". He once slaughtered a Siberian tiger with his bare hands.

Kaoru Hanayama

He is "the best fighter in Japan" who assumed the name of the second-generation boss of the Hanayama Group at the age of only 15. His grip is so strong that if he grabs an opponent's arm he can usually cause it to explode from constricting the blood flow and his motto is "bare-knuckle fighting” (stegoro).

Kaioh Retsu

he holds the title of "Kaioh", the highest rank in the Chinese martial arts world.
He is considered the No. 1 genius in the history of Chinese martial arts, which boasts 4,000 years of history.