NFT fan community that collaborates
with the "official"

OTAKU CULTURE STUDIO visualise a world, where creators and fans hype up the Japanese game, anime, and manga contens by converting them into Web 3.0.

Collaborate products list


They are Otaku culture (Japanese pop culture) loving girls and spread it to the world...
They escort Goshujin-sama(you) to Web3.0.
Okaerinasaimase Goshujinn-sama from all over the world♡
(Welcome home my masters from all over the world♡)


What is NFT

Digital data with scarcity

NFT is a non-fungible token, where tokens are a digital data with a unique identifier attached. By limiting the number of unique identifier issues, scarcity is born in the digital data.

The owner can purchase/sell the NFT

OCS NFT is protected with a blockchain called "Ethereum," which enables buying, selling, and giving without adiministrator.

Privilege for NFT owners

Airdrop or Freemint of Maid3.0 /
MAID-SAN derived NFT

Airdrop or freemint of Maid3.0 / MAID-SAN derived NFT according to your possession of OCS NFT

Join holders-only community

Holders will be invited to the OCS NFT owner only community.
Here, we will hold some special events like voting about
content production. People may get additional benefits.

Priority distribution of Allow List
(AL) for other NFT projects

Priority purchasing privilege for other NFT project.
Ex.) IROIRO, Owange, TOMIE, JUNKeeeeS and so on…

Privilege for participation in offline events

We will hold offline events which holders can interact with each others.

Priorty purchasing privilege (WL) for
next collaboration product

Points awarded based on the number of days of ownership.
We are planning to provide additional utility for Long-term holders.

Priority purchasing privilege for
next collaboration product

OCS NFT priority purchasing privilege for future products can be earned by possessing OCS NFT



NFT fan community that collaborates with the "official"

The Web3 (NFT), which is growing mainly overseas, but Japanese market has been slow to enter the NFT market due to a variety of problems.

OCS was started to create an opportunity for such Japanese content to enter the Web3(NFT) .

We aim to create a world where in which fans and creators can work together to bring Japanese anime, manga, and game contents to Web 3.0 through Otaku Culture Studio.

We aim to transmit the excellence of content produced in Japan to the Web3 world and to
provide opportunities for new forms of enjoyment.

Check the white paper


Cooperative companies

Clover Lab.,inc.

Clover Lab.,inc. consistently carries out planning, development, and operation of games for smartphones, under the management philosophy of "providing 'worlds (contents)' that color your minds." We have released some titles like "Yurudorashiru", and new applications are under development. We have also expanded overseas to East Asian regions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as to Thailand. We hope to create a new "world" for users by offering special experiences and excitement through our content, and the "world" will color their lives, lifestyles, and minds. On these thoughts, we are creating the next "excitement" today.


Based on our animation production, licensing, and merchandising business know-how, we are able to maximize our collective capabilities from both the creative side (ex; creating intellectual properties) and business production side (ex; improving customers' satisfaction). We also have our eyes set on an international market and promoting a global business with our nationally famous and beloved animations such as "LUPIN THE 3rd", "ANPANMAN", and "DETECTIVE CONAN", in addition to more than 440 works and over 12,000 episodes.

ART Teknika Inc.

Founded in 1994, ART Teknika is a software planning and development group that creates new value from the intersection of technology and creativity.
We have a wide range of experience in software development related to audio and visual technology and in the planning and development of digital installations.
Since 2020, the company has exclusively managed the copyrights of all works by manga artist Takeichi Terasawa for the world.

Studio Colorido Co., Ltd.,

In August 2018, the studio's first feature film, "Penguin Highway," was released.
It won the 42nd Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Animated Feature Film, and received rave reviews from various fields.
In addition, "A Whisker Away," released in June 2020 was distributed on Netflix and achieved "Top 10 most watched movies" in more than 30 countries around the world.


Project & Operation

A3 Co., Ltd.

In order to deliver the fascinating characters from games and animations to hardcore fans, we take responsibility from planning, promoting, designing, and all the way until manufacturing in a single-stop process.
We have more than 400 accounts of management companies that handle copyrights for anime, games, manga, etc.
We also operate more than 1,700 commercialization projects, events, and services each year.


How much OCS will be issued?

The issue amount varies depending on the project. For the NFT OCS Collection #4 "Yurudorashiru" please wait for the announcement.

How much does the Mint cost??

Depending on the project.

When is the Mint?

Please check discord for more information.

How much can be Minted?

Depending on the project.

How do we check if we are listed on the mint-capable list for pre-sales?

If the address is available for the Mint after accessing to the wallet, then you can proceed to the Mint screen.

How can we register for the pre-sale?

Notification is done through official Twitter. The notification is done also through OCS discord.