Indication based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

*This English translation is provided for convenience purposes only. The Japanese version of this document shall be regarded as the official version. In the event of a dispute, the Japanese language version shall prevail

Name of the Seller A3 Co., Ltd.
Representative Takashi Ozawa
Location Yamatane Ikebukuro Building 2F, 1-11-22 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Contact Phone number: 03-6903-1806
Sales volume It will be displayed on the final confirmation screen of each product purchase.
Sales price It will be displayed on the Mint website screen during the purchase process. Sales tax is included in the price.
Fees other than sales price Customers are responsible for Internet connection fees, communication fees, etc. required for browsing web pages, purchasing products, downloading content, etc. Please contact your Internet provider, cell phone company, etc. for the respective fees.
Product Application Period If there is an application period for each product, its details will be indicated on the final confirmation screen of each product purchase.
Method and timing of payment After ordering, please send us Ethereum and Polygon, or payments by credit card, delivery will be promptly arranged by our company.
Time of delivery of goods Delivery will be made as soon as Ethereum transaction approval is confirmed by us or when the credit card payment is completed.
Returns and Cancellation Policy Due to the nature of the product, returns and refunds shall not be accepted. If you are unable to use the service normally, please contact us at the contact information above.
operating environment ●PC
Recommended OS
Windows 10 / 11
MacOSX 10.13 or higher

Recommended Browser
Chrome (latest version)
Safari (latest version)

●Smartphones and tablets
Recommended OS
iOS 15 or later
Android OS 10 or later

Recommended Browser
iOS: Safari (latest version)
Android: Chrome (latest version)